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How ClassDojo Plans to Grow After Raising $21 Million from Investors

In 2015, education tech company ClassDojo raised another $21 million in a round of series B venture funding. The capital realized was raised from investors like SignalFire, General Catalyst, Reach Capital, and GSV. ClassDojo is a San Francisco startup that was created in 2011 to connect teachers with students and their parents.

The company provides an interactive and user-friendly communication platform that assists teachers to stay in constant communication with parents about their kids’ social and educational development while at school. This allows parents to stay appraised of their children’s school and classroom activities. With ClassDojo, parents become more involved with their children’s classwork on a daily basis unlike the traditional meetings between parents and teachers held occasionally during the academic year.

Statement from the Founders

Sam Chaudhary and his ClassDojo partner, Liam Don, said that the new capital raised will be used in expanding their team. It will also be channeled towards coming up with useful content and other features that will enhance parents’ experiences especially while at home. Sam said that the new features under development will assist parents in starting and guiding useful conversations at home.

Today, Class Dojo is used in an unprecedented 85,000 schools and learning institutions within the U.S. The company estimates that at least 2 in 3 schools are using the communication platform. When it was founded in 2011, the founders saw an opportunity to develop a user friendly application that would be used to create a healthy community between parents, students, and teachers.

The two founders said that they do not intend to start making revenue from user’s data. Instead, they plan to eventually introduce a series of premium features or content that parents would pay for. Another possible idea would be to include some transactional features that empower parents to pay for school activities using their handheld gadgets.


ClassDojo has created a user friendly and highly interactive communication platform to connect students and teachers with parents. This allows parents to become involved in their children’s classwork. Using the app, teachers encourage students to develop their social skills and talents while enhancing their learning environment.

Using the app, teachers can easily take pictures of different classroom moments and share them with parents. In the process, students grow in an interactive classroom culture that encourages positive feedback. Teachers are empowered to motivate every student in class by sharing moments where shy and introvert students participate in class. Student stories are primarily student-led digital portfolios. Students can add content of their work to the platform and share it with parents.


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Eucatex, A Leader in Forest Products Of Brazil

Flávio Maluf is a leading advocate of technology and education in Brazil. It is his desire to see youngsters use technology more frequently in their schooling, in order to increase their enjoyment of learning. Flávio believes that one of the major issues with modern schools is making sure that technology is not used just as an entertainment and leisure device. Flávio Maluf educationally graduated from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). Mr. Maluf is a mechanical engineer, and the CEO of Eucatex.

Mr. Maluf’s company, Eucatex, is dedicated to environmental and sustainable usage of forest products. Eucatex fabricates some of its products using the Eucalyptus tree. This helps Eucatex uphold a strong reputation of caring for the environment. Some of Eucatex’s products include paint, flooring, seedlings, and baseboards. All of Eucatex’s products come with a high level of quality, and a desire to ensure that customers have helped the environment by using natural based wood. Eucatex products have an international standard of quality, the ISO 9001 level rating.

Eucatex has 2201 employees and counting. It is a large Brazilian company with a heritage of using the environment in a responsible way. Eucatex is a market leader in the forest products industry. Eucatex exports to 37 countries, and currently owns four factories.

Eucatex began working on producing paints and varnishes after it started another factory in 1994. The most recent technological innovation for Eucatex has been the production of doors and and partition panels starting 2010. Eucatex is devoted to keeping customers satisfied with a natural line of products.

Shea Butter Heal-All

Shea butter is known for its healing properties, and it has been known, also, to work on a variety of skin conditions, including dermatitis, allergies, itchy skin or rash, and other related problems, including acne, which can be troubling to patrons of any age. So, if you haven’t thought about trying it, think about getting some shea butter today.

Shea butter is effective because it includes vitamins E and A in its composition, and it works as an antioxidant to heal all the scars and blemishes that your skin may have accumulated over time. You’re sure to appreciate that shea butter is not made in a lab, but is made by farmers, so it’s a natural product. It’s simple to see how good it is.

If you’re looking for a good shea butter product, try EuGenia Shea, which is made by someone’s Mom, a Mom who rose from homemade shea to working with the Global Shea Alliance, which offers plenty of advice for shea farmers. EuGenia makes its shea butter from sustainable products only, and farmers are compensated well for their services.

Eugenia Akuete was a Ghanian housewife who rose to become part of the shea movement, providing well-made shea butter products for all who want them. You, too, can find what you need with EuGenia’s shea butter products, making your skin feel healthy and youthful again, as you seek to motivate yourself by looking your best.

So try EuGenia Shea. It has the best history, and its farmers are paid living wages. And the main thing is that the combination of Vitamins A and E will keep you happy and healthy, and you won’t have the visible marks of someone who has undergone skin damage. What are you waiting for?

Achievements of a Business Investor

David Osio has been a real inspiration to most people all over the world. He has achieved all the necessary qualifications in life and has helped many business people deal with their problems. As a business person or even a homeowner, there are many different needs you are required to fulfill; you may therefore end up spending too much money on them. David has a wide experience in financial management and all areas in banking. You can be certain of getting the best advice from him especially in banking and financial investments.


Osio is the leading CEO and founder in the financial advisory groups of all independent companies in the world. Company owners’ main aim is to ensure they enhance both the outlook and in-look by expanding their business. This will be one way for them to ensure their increase their profitability and create the best customer relations. David has proven that all business people can expand their businesses and ensure they increase their productivity by having a committed team to work with plus determination.

Communal responsibilities of David


All the members in his corporation have been advices to ensure they create a sense of community with all the organizations. The companies have been well motivated to deal with their clients such as non-profit corporations whose main aim is to help the less fortunate in the society. Due to this, David and all his employees have been awarded with many awards since people are very pleased with their contributions.


When working with these companies, David ensures they are all have been granted permission to work by the government. It s important to ensure any company has a license to ensure they are working legally in the country. Aside from all his financial services, he also helps the needy and is a member in some charitable groups.




Together with all his trusted directors, David has decided to launch a new application in the mobile industry. They ensure all the clients are fully satisfied with all their products by ensuring they meet all their preferences. They produce all their products using the latest technology to ensure they come up with the best devices. David together with his team are aware that investors need the best advice especially when it comes to purchasing a product. It is important for them to have the best financial plan to prevent overuse of their money and create a more clearer vision for their finances management.

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George Soros Revamps His Market Strategy

The world can be a highly volatile place. This has been particularly true in recent years as many changes have been noted across the world. Governments have fallen in places such as the United Kingdom and Germany. Those leading China seem to be unsure what should be the best way to help their people find peace and prosperity today. This has helped lead to potential instability in the financial market. One person who has been relied on for leadership in making sense of the markets is investor George Soros. Soros is one of the world’s richest men. He has a vast fortune that he has been able to amass as a result of being able to read the markets of the world quite accurately. Those who follow the markets know that they can rely on his judgement and his reading of the way the world’s markets interact with each other.

His Latest Move

As revealed in the Wall Street Journal, Soros has decided to return to the world of market trading. His efforts in recent years have been largely directed towards the promotion of causes that he cares about such as the presidential campaign of Ms. Clinton. It has been noted by market observers that he has chosen to stay out the market in the last few years. This is why many close watchers were startled to see that Soros has made the decision to back to the world of trading. Many people were even more startled to note that Soros has chosen bearish investments based on his clear expectation that the markets may suffer some reverses. His investments have largely been of a conservative nature. His investments have been in commodities such as gold. Gold is one of the most common places for bearish investors to move to when they are concerned about falling markets. Such investments are often perceived as safe havens that help investors avoid losses.

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One Of The World’s Most Respected Investors

A native of Hungary, George Soros is noted for his vast understanding of markets around the world. He currently divides his time between many places including the United States and Europe. As a result of his work in this field, he has enjoyed tremendous success and a great deal of respect from those who know that investing can be tricky and confusing. His best known success came from a series of educated guesses about the path of the Pound, the currency used in the United Kingdom. He is currently clearly concerned about the recent decision in Great Britain to leave the European Union and go forward as a potentially isolated place. This may be influencing his decision to invest in gold and gold mining stocks.

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Kenneth Goodgame – An Avid Thinker and Entrepreneur Helping Businesses and Individuals

Kenneth Goodgame is a highly motivated self-taught entrepreneur and business manager who is actively involved in various mega projects in the United States. As a well-known industry veteran dealing with a variety of operation management issues, Mr. Goodgame has garnered fame by managing successful business ventures that includes innovative marketing solutions and merchandise solutions. Using smart business strategies and expert financial insight, Kenneth Goodgame regularly offers consultancy to project managers seeking guidance on high
profile projects.

Currently, Kenneth Goodgame presides over operations and merchandising department of True Value Hardware Company, based in Chicago. Acting as a Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandise Officer, he is managing almost $2.2 billion of hardware inventory for the company, which also includes approximately $3.2 Million active inventory covering 85,000 SKUs. As an avid thinker and strategist, Mr. Goodgame helped True Value Hardware create an active management team, which improved savings from a mere 2 percent to almost 10 percent.

What makes companies tick under Kenneth is his business acumen involving various business strategies from improving employee engagement to creating effective business indicators that can help businesses analyze their operations in an easy-to-understand streamlined format. Among other skills, Goodgame also focuses on developing instant solutions through leadership, negotiations and productivity enhancements. For more than three decades, both companies and individuals have relied on the skills of Kenneth Goodgame to navigate the market avoiding pitfalls. Recently, he is also focusing on sharing his skills with others by actively managing a blog at, which will provide useful tips to industry enthusiasts.

Head of Talk Fusion Has A Mission

Talk Fusion was founded back in 2007 and since that time it has had a mission of changing people’s lives for the better. Talk Fusion helps people realize their dreams, builds futures with them, and gives them a blueprint for giving back to their own communities. Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion with this kind of hope in his heart and he continues to be fully committed to it.

Bob Reina believes in leading through example and he has been very successful at it. The idea that with great success comes great responsibility is a part of Talk Fusion’s ethos and Bob says it is a force behind everything the company does. Bob is filled with motivation that inspires people and his motivation has an endless supply.

Bob puts his money where his mouth is as well. Bob made a $1 million donation in the past to the Human Society in the Tampa Bay area. He has also done great work helping orphans in Indonesia. In total Bob has helped people in more than 140 countries around the world. He is always looking for creative and impactful ways to give back to the world. That is why he has a new charitable initiative where he allows Talk Fusion associates to have a free account which they can then donate to any person they wish. This free account gives any person access to Talk Fusions suite of marketing products which can help them start their own online business by connecting with customers through the internet.

Bob believes that sharing Talk Fusion’s cutting edge video marketing products will have a greater impact than any of the charity work he has done prior to this which is quite a powerful statement. With Talk Fusion’s help, people can now earn their own money which they can choose how to use themselves. People can use their Talk Fusion profits to get life changing surgery for themselves and family members, to put themselves or family members through school, to pay off debts or anything else they can imagine. Bob believes the important thing is to just make a difference in someone else’s life and he is empowering as many people as possible to do so as well.

Avi Weisfogel Is A Dentist Businessman And Philanthropist

New Jersey dentist Avi Weisfogel spends a great deal of time looking for dental solutions for his clientele. When he’s not working as a dentist, he’s working in the community to help other people. He loves music, making videos and is a huge presence on social medial. Whether its efforts to help the less fortunate or raising money through GoFundMe, he’s doing great things to make the world a better place.

Most recently Weisfogel launched a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for children who suffer from facial abnormalities. The funds will go directly to support Operation Smile, a charity organization that has performed thousands of surgeries for needy children all over the world. It is Weisfogel’s goal to raise $2,000, because he believes children, regardless of race or socioeconomic background, deserve to be happy and healthy.

Avi Weisfogel has also created a business to help individuals dealing with sleep issues. Dental Sleep Masters helps individuals suffering from sleep apnea, as well as other sleeping disorders. Through is company, he was able to create a number of sleeping aids and prosthetic to help individuals who may have heart issues, excess weight or other medical issues sleep.

Weisfogel operates a dental clinic in Old Bridge, NJ. His is married and has six children.

Weisfogel is also a huge music lover. He is a big fan of hip hop music and regularly shares his music with a number of followers. Individuals who wish to follow Weisfogel can go to his Soundcloud account.

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Eric Pulier Helped My Sister Get Through School

MY sister had more than one disability that put her in a classroom that did not allow her to use that big brain of hers, and it was really frustrating for my family. We had no idea how we could help her because we were not able to make any of the technology that was needed, but Eric Pulier did that for us. He started People Doing Things, and he started to send technology into the schools to provide for kids like my sister. These things are made all the easier to manage because he sent in more technology every year while she was in high school.

My sister started to thrive with some simple tech that was made by Eric, and the best part of it for me was that I got to see her use it even when she graduated. It was really nice of him to help her even when she went to college, and I know that even today she uses modified versions of these products to help herself. She has a great job, and I think that it is all part of what Eric Pulier has been able to do with his charity. It was a great thing for him to do, and we saw a lot of people benefit.

I think that the most amazing thing is that Eric Pulier put aside other technology that would have made him more money in favor of something that would help kids. He came into the schools to talk to my sister’s class, and he helped them all get the things they needed. Their lives got a lot better, and he was pushing for every school and city in the area to do something similar. I could see his commitment to other people, and it was was heartwarming.

John Goulet – Staffing Companies with IT Genius

Diversant is a staffing firm that is completely owned by minorities. Additionally, Diversant is the largest African-American owned IT staffing firm that exists within the United States. What Diversant offers is a plethora of different products to include: innovative diversity solutions, direct hiring practices, and IT staff augmentation. Diversant is dedicated to assisting minorities who are talented in the IT sector to find their dream job in the IT sector.

John Goullet serves as the principal of Diversant. Goullet became successful due to several successful developmental projects in the IT field. Previously, John Goullet was an IT consultant before he decided to focus on the staffing aspect of IT in 1994. It is for this reason that John Goullet opted to form a company called Info Technologies, which was an IT staffing company that focused on providing staffing solutions to Fortune 500 companies across the United States through implementing effective IT strategy.

What was particularly impressive about Info Technologies is that it grew to have a value of $30 million, which made it hold the 8th place on Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 most promising privately held firms in the United States. In 2010, John Goullet decided to merge Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. with the objective of creating Diversant LLC. To date, John Goullet serves as the Principal to Diversant LLC., which allows him to periodically work on his passion that involves developing solutions to meet the periodic challenges that face the IT sector. It will be thrilling to see what prospective solutions that John Goullet will contribute to the IT marketplace in the years to come.

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