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Brian Torchin for All Medical Staffing Solutions

Brian Torchin is a medical staff recruiter working with healthcare professionals around the U.S., Asia, Canada and Australia with their staffing needs. His company, called Health Care Recruitment Counselors Staffing based out of Philadelphia, PA. is one of the largest medical staffing companies in the U.S. Brian was educated at the University of Delaware and the New York Chiropractic College. He is a skilled Chiropractor, Career Counselor and Coach, Financial and Marketing Manager. He is also trained in Hospital Medicine, Executive Recruiting and Staffing. In addition, Brian has also been active in Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy.

Brian is Owner and President of HCRC Staffing, LLC. In addition to offering advice on line in his blog, Brian also speaks at conferences where he discusses medical staffing and tips on things to avoid when hiring. Brian advertises that his company can usually find a company several candidates to choose from within 48 hours and the office is open week-ends and extended evening hours as needed to provide this service. As a practicing chiropractor, he knows the staff a medical office needs and believes that efficient staff in the billing department in a medical office is the key to success. Without that, the office could be losing thousands of dollars.

From a candidates’ point of view, Brian and his staff, prepare them for the job as support staff in a medical practice or hospital. He works with recent college graduates to find the right job that they show the most interest in. Brian works to be sure that the candidate is not only qualified for the job, but fits into the company they are applying to. In order to have a successful match between the client and candidate, Brian makes certain that the two are a good fit for one another.

Jim Hunt and VTA Publications Helping Investors to Learn

When you think about the world of investments there are certainly a great number of people out there who understand the markets. When you are trying to find out how to make significant wealth, then the strategy for many has been to try and mimic what these titans of the financial world are doing. However, if you don’t actually have a strategy in place and you aren’t following a specific or set plan, then do you really know what you are trying to do and can you really expect actual results?

Why Investments So Important
Investments are so important because people can simply learn the basic ideas and principles and then through small efforts over a great period of time they can retire for themselves. The key is not that they can get rich overnight, but rather hard work over time is rewarded. The idea of retirement is still a fairly new one, but if you simply work hard enough and also have a fundamental understanding of how to properly invest then you can create wealth in levels that previous generations have never seen.

Why Educational System So Important
The important thing about having a proper understanding with respect to investments is that you can make a lot of mistakes. The mistakes aren’t just doing too much or not enough, they can be fundamental, numerical, or even knee jerk reactions. That is why VTA Publications and Jim Hunt are such a treasure, because they are able to actually teach individuals how to better understand investments from the novice level up.

At the end of the day there are always things changing in the markets and there is always more to learn about. Jim Hunt and the VTA Publications system is simply trying to help people to better understand the markets in a more organized fashion and structured framework. So long as you take the time to continue learning, and if you do it from one of the most knowledgeable minds in the field, then you can greatly increase your wealth and financial decision making ability in no time at all.  Jim Hunt has a proven record of success, and the good reviews about VTA Publications should speak for themselves.

Wikipedia Not Immune To Effects Of Malicious Haters


Wikipedia is having to take a long hard look at its own internal culture, the nature and makeup of its editorial groups, and how to promote more safe sharing to support everyone on the Internet who wants to create a Wikipedia page. The problem, of course, as in all other online forums, Wikipedia editors are attacked, belittled, and cussed by obnoxious trolls, or worse – self-appointed “experts”.

One such Wikipedia editor was harassed and bullied so intensely that they considered suicide over the issue. All they wanted was to create Wiki page! The parent organization is the Wikimedia Foundation, and they took notice of the issue that many say has always existed; people just learned to lump up and take it. That person was immediately seconded by another contributor who agreed that he felt obstructed whenever he had to deal with the site’s Administrators when making Wiki edits. The person did get some help and overcame his suicidal thoughts. And the second person also had experienced deep anxiety and angst about how he was treated. More details are available here.

The article on Tech.Mic pointed out that to make new Wikipedia page is quite a difficult endeavor and other sites, such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and AltspaceVR have all had to deal with epidemics of online harassment and verbal abuse. Get Your Wiki is the best defense and best method to make new Wikipedia page for your best face-forward on the Internet. They are not only Wikipedia consultants that produce SEO-perfect pages that are easily found and ranked highly on Google and Bing Search engine results, they also offer a wonderful maintenance service to keep you Wikipedia presence pristine and well-cared for. Find out more about Get Your Wiki.

Talk Fusion email video marketing and Bob Reina leadership in transforming business ideas

Success is the main objective for many businesses. However, to realize this goal, marketing ought to escalate at the rate at which ideas are generated to win customers loyalty. For this reason, talk solution has opened face to face training, custom designs and marketing resources geared towards realizing business success

Most business start as big ideas nevertheless, the availability of resources determines whether the application of the idea will be successful or not. However, ideas can be transformed into bigger business through coming up with marketing solution that is cheap and easy to use so as to facilitating the placement of the products onto the map.

Talk solution endeavors to bring business idea into reality by the help of email videos through promoting business products and services. Actually, talk solution has integrated success measure that helps the client to amount how far they have come as far as their businesses are concerned.

The company uses emails, reports and live meetings and video chat to enhance businesses to build a loyal customer base. This helps to increase business revenue and referrals that attracts more customers. Therefore, talk solution enhances video marketing as a vehicle towards business channel. The talk video email among other services offer by Talk Solutions come at favorable prices that can be afforded by various kind and sizes of businesses. For instance, Toyota Company has greatly benefited from these services as it is able to monitor its sales.

Besides, business video emails are used to pass personal informational and confidential business information. Also capturing first customers is also enhanced through video chats and this helps to save time and money. Indeed, the company offers free trial period of 30 days for all its products. More so, features, functionality, and technology and easiness to use enhance the company competitiveness.

Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion is committed to his company’s activities. Through his managerial skills he has been able to transform Talk solution and currently the company is the world 7th largest video communication company. Bob has established a good employee base that work together towards transforming the product into a million dollar brand.

Reina has been in the forefront in promoting the talk solution through identifying market opportunity in the industry. In fact, a better move has been realized through direct sales. Reina is the man accredited for transforming entrepreneurial ideas into reality. He also runs mentorship programs, and he is endowed with clear direction, purpose and vision.

Wealth Solutions Helps Every Retiree Invest Well

Richard Blair started Wealth Solutions because he wanted to help every client retire well. He knows how to maximize the money his clients have, and the investment tactics he uses are unique to his business. Richard Blair prefers to give good information to his clients, and he works with people on a level that helps them invest well. Someone who has an idea can come to Richard Blair at any time, and he will educate every client on the state of their finances.

Investing and retiring well is the goal of every client at Wealth Solutions, and Richard Blair takes great care to make sure his clients have enough money to retire. Every client has a different retirement goal, and Richard Blair wants to hear that goal before he starts investing money for his clients. The clients get what they want, and the direction Richard Blair takes only comes from what meets the ends of his clients.

Clients who have special ideas about how to manage their money can come to Richard Blair for help, and the staff at Wealth Solutions will help make the dreams become a reality. Every dream has to have money behind it, and Richard Blair makes sure that all his clients are happy with the funds that they are investing in every new investment tool. There are tools available like commodities and stocks, and Richard Blair makes sure that all his clients have every option at their fingertips.

Someone who wants to invest for retirement needs to have a plan, and Richard Blair will write up that plan for every client. There are a lot of clients who have plans in their heads, and Richard Blair will help adjust those plans to make sure they make sense. Every new investment will take into account the original goal, and Richard Blair will carefully consider every move made for the client.

Wealth Solutions is a place for anybody who wants to invest for retirement. Young clients can come in at any time to find out how to invest their money today for retirement, or someone who is a couple years away from retirement can ask the Wealth Solutions staff to help them. There is no age limit on what happens at Wealth Solutions, and all clients get the same great advice. Everyone can invest for the future with confidence, and clients will get regular reports showing that it is working.

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Brad Reifler Helps Those with Financial Issues

When it comes to the world of finance, many people can be confused on how the whole process works. Finding the right person to handle your finances can be a difficult task. After all, you do not want just anyone to handle your finances for fear of something terrible happening. The most important thing to remember is that not everyone can help you with your financial problems. It may take a while for you to find the most qualified person with an impressive financial background that is able to help you.

One such individual is Brad Reifler of New York. He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer as well as the Founder of Forefront Capital Management, which is also located in New York. He dedicates his time and energy into making sure the company stays a success and becomes one of the most powerful companies throughout the state of New York. Brad is a guy you can trust that will get the job done right and will ensure that the clients are happy with their financial service. He has over 30 years of experience, making him an expert in the field. Brad completed his Bachelor’s degree in economic and political science at Bowdoin College. Before Forefront Capital, he managed different companies within the United States and currently serves as a Board Member in five different organizations. He has worked with Roots Markets, Symmetry Property Development, and Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp. in an effort to make the business world a better place for everyone.

Brad’s biggest success happened when he founded Pali Capital, where he served as Chairman and CEO. During his 13 year career with this company, he was able to raise $200 million in profits and had offices in the United States, UK, and Australia. He initiated a fund called the Forefront Income Trust, where it has helped millions of middle-class Americans invest in various incomes to save them from poverty. Brad has talked at length about how anyone can become involved in the investment world. Brad has also made many public appearances where he talks about how middle and lower class people can put some money away for their future. He believes that through his hard work, determination, and experience, he can provide the very best care to meet his client’s needs. Brad continues to be an outspoken member of the community as helps people find new ways to plan for their future and find true financial freedom.  In fact, a big part of Brad’s fame is his 5 Tips for Investment article, which has really set a new standard for the industry at large.

Be Careful Of Start-Ups, Venture Capitalist Martin Lustgarten warns

Martin Lustgarten has worked in the securities investment field as well as banking for a long time. In this period, he has seen it all and wants to advice fellow investors on potential pitfalls to avoid. Martin Lustgarten is most expert on venture capitalism. He says before you buy shares in a startup you need to know a few things

  • The reason is that new companies offer attractively packaged portfolios that have higher risks attached, and this has led to many beneficiaries becoming bankrupt.
  • Knowing the market is his simple advice, and it has made people save their money in real stocks.


His advice to the banks on China Street has already started yielding results with returns averaging 12.9% percent. It has made the investment in shares more secure, and the economy as a whole has led to China being the largest on the planet. Martin says that this, in turn, has made surrounding countries and those that trade with China more likely to stabilize as imports and exports level out.


But before he offers the advice, it is important to know a few basics about this man. He was surprisingly born in Argentina but brought up in Venezuela. His parents were of Spanish descent who migrated to South America due the right climate there.


Martin Lustgarten says the new president of Venezuela is an ally of the private sector and whose views on monetary reform contrast from populist ideals of President Hugo Chavez.

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Professional Reputation Management: The Difference between BLAH and Outstanding

In high school you protected your reputation as best you could. In college, and especially as a young professional you knew better than to post compromising pictures that a potential boss might see. But what happens when people post or write about activities you might not think are damaging but could ruin your professional and social reputation.

Take the case of University of Missouri assistant professor Melissa Click, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A recent article in USA TODAY demonstrates how reputation management can be instant and how it can affect anyone.

So to make a long story short, here was Melissa on her way to a staff meeting one morning, and she comes across a student demonstration. Not a big deal right? True, until a journalist shows up to make the student demonstration public. That’s when assistant professor Melissa thought she would do a good deed by running the reporter off.

Unfortunately, this little act caused her suspension, a call for her firing, and lawsuits galore. This is just a simple case where a friendly bystander was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The public demonstration of her actions, a video displayed over the Internet, almost caused her professional demise.


What Do You Do In This Type of Situation?

Most people would just stick their head in the sand and wait for the STORM to pass. But that isn’t the best solution suggest the professionals at Status Labs, a professional reputation management firm. This type of negative media can critically affect businesses and professionals from any industry.

Reputation management experts suggest fighting back, and the way to do that is to offer an explanation, to tell the REAL story and let everyone know. And the only way to do that is through online media.


Bottom Line

Effective online reputation management services like those offered by the professionals at Status Labs can turn negative media or incidents into positive ones. It’s this that can make your professional reputation a positive one and offer you an outstanding online presence that ultimately gives you more professional presence and can turn into better offers, salary and professional opportunities.

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A New Force in Financial Market

Whenever a generation starts to proclaim itself, it needs to have leaders that are capable of ascending to unreached heights. Without finance innovators, tech innovators would definitely not exist. It is therefore essential to point out what other industry pioneers are up to, especially the game changers like the lawyer based in New York, Sam Tabar.

According to an article that was published on, Sam Tabar was highlighted as the one of the upcoming pioneers of the new generation. Sam, who earned a BA and MA in law from Oxford University and LLM from Columbia Law School, has used the knowledge he gained from his education in world class universities to make himself the person to watch out for in the coming years.

Whether as a legal counsel or as a capital strategist, Sam has always incorporated his knowledge and skills to come up with great results anywhere that he has been. With a lifelong interest in the financial markets and investment, Tabar started his ascent by working as a subordinate for Arps, Skadden, Flom LLF, Slatter and Meagher after graduating from the Colombia Law School, as his LinkedIn resume indicates. While working for these firms, he provided counsel to potential clients on ways to come up with and structure hedge funds, basics issues on regulatory and compliance that are linked to hedge funds, and multiple employment matters of every customer. Despite his success in his Associate rank, Sam realized that bigger challenges were awaiting him in the world of business.

Upon leaving Skadden, Sam started a new career where he acted as a financial strategist for the PMA Investment Advisers. Sam was tasked with full responsibility for managing all facets of the hedge fund worth $2 billion. Sam worked tirelessly on developing a key strategic plan for marketing that would enable this hedge fund find its place up there among the best. Through his skills and knowledge to target institutional and individual investors, he went ahead and established another rolodex reaching over 400 individuals. After pooling these investors together, he was tasked to work with the founding partners of the firm and CEO on various matters that related to business development.

Sam’s hard work paid off and helped the firm boost its asset by over $1.2 billion. Along with hedge fund experience, he also has far reaching experience in property investment and startup ventures. This background has made Sam Tabar to be highly demanded by law firms and investment firms all over the world.

Best Spring Cleaning Tips

Winter weather is now behind us and the joyful spring and summer temperatures are in full effect. Now is the perfect time to begin those spring cleaning projects you’ve been looking forward to completing for the past several months. Ready to add the joy to your home? Here are a few spring cleaning tips to get you started!

Clean the Carpets: No matter how clean you think your carpets are, deep down within those fibers, a lot of dirt is likely hidden. Hire a professional carpet cleaner to penetrate each fiber of the rug and get it deep-down clean. Handy Cleaning Services can handle this job if you’d like. Cleaning and professional carpet steaming from Handy provide your home a brilliantly appealing look.

Clean the Walls/ Baseboards: A solution of water and vinegar, a sponge, and cloth are the items necessary for wall-cleaning and baseboards. You’ll be amazed at how much dirt you remove from the walls, but certainly appreciate the incredible new look of your home.

Clean Ceiling Fans/ Fixtures: The same solution for the walls works wonderfully to clean the ceiling fans and fixtures. This is another way to add liveliness to the room.

Three Piles: When cleaning out closets, three piles should be made. One pile for items that you cannot bear to part with; one pile for items that need to be in the trash; and a third pile for items to donate. If you’ve not used/worn the item in a period of six months or more, it should be placed in one of the latter piles.

Handy Cleaning Services takes the hassle out of spring cleaning. Spur of the moment decision to clean the basement? Call Handy for services in an instant!

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