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How Securus Technologies is Keeping Inmates Safe

Securus Technologies is a prison technology company based in Dallas Texas. It was established in 1986 with its offices located in different parts of US such as Carrollton, Allen, Texas, and Atlanta. The company introduced a system to counter contraband cell phones. Later in 2017, it displayed a radiotelegraphy containment program to restrict contraband cellphones from linking to mobile networks.


Securus Technologies works towards developing technological solutions to civil and criminal justice to help in safety of the people, explorations, and supervision of social injustices and transgressions.It published some facility customer comments on using technology to counter and block crimes including inmate against other inmate’s crimes. We try to develop a new product or service at least weekly to help law implementation and corrections officials to handle and prevent criminality.


At Securus, we look forward to helping the inmates, and their families feel secure. Over time, we have received frequent feedback through thousands of letters and emails appraising what we build and how what we do brings optimism to the community and society at large. With the assistance of Securus Technologies, information from the phone calls has been used to obtain a search justification for an unscrupulous staff member.


As a result, the person was arrested for the introduction of unlawful contrabands. Calls were monitored and scanned containing information regarding the use of alcohol by inmate’s selling of drugs in the prison’s facilities, possible access to mobile phones, threats and unsecured conversations on issues of money transfer.


A civilian acknowledged having sold drugs at a markdown price to the inmates. Investigative tools offered by Securus have enabled the stuff to inspect complaints on intimidation or prospective dangers to the security of the facility and the committee at large.


Reporting data from Securus technologies has developed the agency measures and proficiency to oversee and discourage the occurrence of illegal cell phones in different facilities. Technological advancements effected by Securus have enabled carrying out of investigations and various procedures to help in solving and preventing crime through the use of technology.


Greg Aziz Success Story

Gregory James Aziz is a renowned serial entrepreneur and a force to reckon with in the business circles. Greg Aziz hails from the city of London in Ontario Canada was born on April 30th, 1949. Greg is the current Chairman, CEO, and President of National Steel Car. At the helm of National Steel Car Greg Aziz has an Impressive record of being able to build the company which was almost collapsing to be one of the leading railroad freight manufacturing and engineering firm in the whole of North America. Under Greg’s leadership, National Steel Car has been able to achieve a lot in the manufacturing industry, and among its achievement, National Steel Car is the only ISO 9001:2008 certified rail car company in the whole of North America. Besides, the company for more than a decade has consistently clinched the annual TTX SECO award.



Education and Career Background


James Aziz has a rich educational background. Aziz pursued his education at the Ridley College and also joined the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in economics. Immediately after getting his first-degree Greg joined Affiliated Foods Company which was his family business dealing with the buying and selling of food products. Greg spent close to 16 years in the company during which he helped the firm grow into a leading importer and exporter of fresh foods in South America, Europe, Eastern Canada and the US. Despite the many success at Affiliated Foods Greg felt that he did not belong there and needed more challenging things to do in life and as a result, he migrated to New York where he started a new career in the banking and

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Investment Industry


As fate would have it in the year 1994, an opportunity presented itself where Dofasco was selling its ailing rail car freight Company National Steel Car. Greg immediately the opportunity presented itself realized that this is the challenge that he was looking for and as a result struck a deal with Dofasco, and he purchased National Steel Car. Greg as an experienced economist and investor used his skills to transform National Steel Car, and within a short period, the company performed extremely well surpassing the expectation of many. Greg placed more emphasis on team building and capitalized on the firms engineering capabilities including investing heavily in human resources. Under the guidance of Greg leadership, National Steel Car increased its manufacturing capacity from 3500 to 12,000 cars. The company was also able to increase its personnel from 600 employs to more than 3000 employs.


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National Steel Car Chief Executive Officer, Greg Aziz

Greg Aziz is a very big name in the field of-of engineering industry. He has been recognized in the whole of North America because of his great impact in changing the sector. He happens to be the current chief executive officer and also the chairman of National Steel Car. The company is situated in Ontario and he has been able to make tremendous changes in his career. He has worked tirelessly for his progress in the industry and has always been on the frontline pursuing higher goals. The great company manager has had the great experience when doing his activities and has always dedicated his skills towards making sure that he is able to maintain the company’s competition.


National Steel Car is a company that was established in the year 1912 and has been in the business for more than 100 years. It is a famous rolling stock company and was among the first companies in Canada. NSC has been able to grow tremendously towards becoming a national leader that it has become today. Greg Aziz was able to become the CEO of the company just a few years ago and has always been on the frontline pursuing his way to greatness. He has always wanted to see his company grow.

James Aziz is a very humble leader who has been able to provide the best for the company. He works to promote teamwork, commitment and also innovation amongst many other factors. He works hard knowing very well that the future of the company is in his hands and has always committed himself towards working for nothing else but the best. He has great knowledge in the business field which he had acquired before joining the company. Get More Info Here.


Greg Aziz is a graduate of the famous Western Ontario University whereby he pursued a bachelor of science in economics. The course was able to inspire him a lot and he was able to become a very big person in the industry. He was able to prosper in the sector so much when he joined his family company. The company was the leading exporter of fresh produce and have always wanted to achieve its dream. Affiliated Foods was the name of the company and they used to sell fresh foods on wholesale which they imported from Asian and European markets. Later after leaving the company went to join the banking industry whereby he was able to organize the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco.


An Overview Of Obsidian Energy Company

Obsidian Energy is an intermediate oil and natural gas Canadian producer headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. It has a well-balanced portfolio of top-quality assets producing approximately 30,000 boe daily. Mr. French is the Obsidian Energy’s head and Chief Executive officer since October 2016. Mr. Sweerts is the company’s vice president, production, and Technical Services. He started working in this oil producer since June 2014 as the vice president, Business Development, and Commercial up to February of 2017.


The company’s oil fields are situated in Alberta, along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This area is known to be one of the biggest petroleum reserves in the world. The main production areas are Alberta Viking and Pembins Cardium. Penn West,as the company was known earlier, was among the companies in the energy sector who did not pay taxes whenever they sent funds to shareholders. Under the company name Penn West, the company implemented various changes which have made an impact on every part of their business and made them redefine it and its growth.



Obsidian’s assets and their organization offer the ideal platform to deliver exceptional results and an entrepreneur spirit which attributes to the company’s success in the evolving industry. Being disciplined, passionate in their work and accountable to their shareholders, partners and the communities in which the company operates within lay the foundation of this oil producing company. Get More Info Here.


Under their previous company name, Penn West, Obsidian Energy started reducing their workforce in June 2013 from 2,350 workers to less than 1,000. In 2014, when the crude oil prices went down drastically, the company underwent operational and financial challenges. This led to significant restructuring which saw most of their assets being sold to minimize debts they had incurred.

On 2nd September 2015, the company announced they will retrench 400 workers from the headquarters in Calgary due to the declined oil prices. This was 35% of their total workforce. The drop in the global oil prices had significantly affected the company. Payment of dividends to the shareholders was also withheld and decreased compensation for their board of directors.

Desiree “Dez” Perez is the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation

As the landmark deal between Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Live Nation, which was reported to be worth $150 million over the course of 10 years, draws near to its end, the world-renowned music mogul has been spreading the word to industry leaders that he is interested in doing business. The original deal was known as “360,” which means that either side has the option of selling their stake in the company to the other party. While Live Nation has chosen not to renew the deal in regards to their interest in the recorded music side, they are fully interested in continuing their relationship with Jay-Z concerning their touring deal, as it has been mutually lucrative for both sides. The reason for the change is because Live Nation is no longer in the business of investing in recorded music, presumably due to the drastic changes in the climate of the music industry over the past decade. Live Nation initially decided to invest in the recorded music sector of Roc Nation, which is currently the home of superstars such as Rihanna, Fat Joe, Meek Mill, Shakira, and Jay-Z himself. It was recently reported that Jay-Z was spotted with Desiree Perez, one of the top executives at Roc Nation, at the Santa Monica offices of Sir Lucien Grainge, who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group.

Desiree “Dez” Perez is the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation, having held the position since 2009. She has played an integral role in the development of Jay-Z’s career, having been a part of his inner circle for over twenty years. She recently helped to close a major deal between Rihanna and Samsung and continues to be actively involved in several sectors of the Roc Nation brand.

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Gregory Aziz Has Transformed National Steel Car

The success story of Greg Aziz is quite thrilling. It is an inspiring one for any entrepreneur out as it teaches them to be focused yet innovative. Currently, Gregory James is the President as well as CEO of a highly reputed engineering firm in Canada which manufactures freight cars. This is the National Steel Car. It is the largest company in its field and is based in Ontario, Canada. It is known for its rich history. This is because the company was established in 1902. This means that it has been existence for more than 100 years now. In order to survive for such a long time, the company has to play a crucial role in supporting the local community too.


But all this made Gregory J Aziz keener to purchase it. Many people were thinking that National Steel Car was much past its sellout date. Still, Gregory J Aziz believed that the business was still going on. In fact, he had always wanted to own this company in Ontario, Canada. He has even employed some of his old school friends in it.

Greg Aziz came and took over this company. Now he is operating it like some new company that was set up recently. Once Greg took over, he took up the responsibility to make big changes to this company. He could see that it had gone quite low with regard to its capabilities in production. He could see that the company required new systems which could help to build up the operations of this company yet again. They were making use of old technology that was no longer providing the results as expected. The first thing he did was to pump money into the company so that new technology equipment could be bought. LIKE HIM ON Facebook.


Next, Gregory J Aziz invested in skilled labor. He knew he required them in order to transform the company. Once the equipment and human resource were ready, there was no stopping to the process of transformation of the company. Within a few years, the production rate improved by a big margin. The total number of cars being manufactured each year annually grew from 3500 to 12000. This meant that the number of workers increased exponentially too. Since the company’s operations were expanding, more workers were required for operating and managing tasks over there. All this was a result of the vision of Gregory James Aziz.

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How Gregory Aziz Has Stayed Committed

For the first part of his career, Greg Aziz was dedicated to other companies. He knew he had a lot of worth, but he also knew the other companies would be able to benefit from everything he had to offer. He felt like he was not appreciated and the work he did was going unnoticed. Because of this, Gregory Aziz wanted to make his own company. He wanted to show people he had the ability to perform so they could get everything they needed in each area of business they were in. While Gregory Aziz didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do, he knew it had to be something meaningful.


The opportunity to buy National Steel Car was exactly what Gregory Aziz needed. He wanted the chance to make something new and something great again. National Steel Car was his chance to do it. In fact, it was the first time he had a chance that was great for himself. He took the business and made sure he was doing everything the right way in the business. He also tried to show people the opportunities they had with the steel car industry. By doing this, Gregory Aziz was giving himself a chance to try different things on his own.


In addition to making National Steel Car better, Gregory James Aziz wanted to make the entire steel car industry the best it could be. The industry was once booming with multi-million-dollar profits. He wanted to see that happen again. He knew how valuable steel cars could be to the rail industry and to freight in general. Because of this, Gregory Aziz felt confident he would be able to make National Steel Car the best company. He also felt confident the freight car industry would continue to grow and get better no matter what.



Depending on the issues that people had with National Steel Car, Greg James Aziz would take the time to address them individually. He wanted to make his clients feel like they were an important part of the business. Since they were essential to Gregory Aziz making money, he knew it was essential that he show them what they could do on their own. Aziz also felt it was important to make better choices for the people who he was close to. Gregory Aziz made decisions that worked out and it gave him the hope that came with offering a great business experience. See More Info Here.

OSI Industries, A Move Towards Global Domination

The food industry has experienced many changes in the last decade with companies from all over the world striving to manufacture quality food to feed people in different nations. Many of these companies aim at ensuring that people get foods that keep them in good health and away from many of the lifestyle diseases that are common in the world today. The OSI Group is one of these companies.

Having its base in the United States of America, the company tops the ranks in the provision of custom solutions as well as quality products within the food industry. OSI Group which has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, enjoys global leadership in the supply of value-added protein food products as well as other food products. The company is privately owned and apart from producing quality foods, it also does extremely well in food service and has leading retail brands all over the globe. OSI has around sixty facilities that are located in seventeen countries.

In June last year, OSI Industries bought the Chicago food processing facility that was formerly owned by Tyson foods. Tyson foods had announced in the previous year that they were going to close the plant along with its warehouse in pursuit of efficiency in their food processing business. Tyson was going to shut down the Chicago facility together with the food processing plants in Wisconsin and Jefferson.

The labor force was absorbed into the other plants that remained. OSI Industries purchased the facility which stands at 200,000 square feet of ground to create better structural support for the growth of the business. OSI aims at growing with each passing day and the group is always looking forward to expanding. The senior executive vice president of OSI mentioned that the move would enhance the company’s capabilities to level with customers’ needs which were changing daily.

Later in 2016, OSI acquired Baho Food, a Dutch company that specialized in the production of convenience foods, snacks, and deli meats. The company was focused on providing retail food services to the public. In August this year, OSI doubled its chicken production in the Spain plant to comfortably serve the growing customer base. In June, the company had already opened a meat processing facility which covered 7,500 square meters of ground.

If you look closely at these moves it is easy to notice the company’s growth and development. Every year the Group makes new moves that extend its capabilities to satisfy the ever increasing number of customers. There is no doubt that OSI Industries will continue to lead in the provision of quality food products and enjoy global domination as well.

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A Two Decade Legacy of Success for Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz has defined Canadian rail car manufacturer National Steel Car for several decades now. He first joined in 1994 when he came to the company after successfully managing the purchase of it from a former owner. This union turned out to be a key asset for National Steel Car after Greg Aziz joined the company. For over two decades he has led the company to huge levels of growth and expansion and Aziz utilized his knowledge in business development to expand the company to become the leader in North American production of railroad freight cars.


National Steel Car is an institution in Ontario, Canada where it has its headquarters. It stood strong during the great depression where it manufactured busses and trucks when the need for train cars was down. It has been a top three rolling stock option since its founding in 1912. However, it was bought by Dofasco in the 1960s and since then saw a slight decline. In 1994 Gregory J. Aziz oversaw the purchase of National Steel Car back from Dofasco. The purchase was incredibly successful, and Greg Aziz went to work with the company where he went on to become their Chief Executive Officer.

Greg Aziz has had a wealth of experience in business development. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario with the goal of leading businesses to success. He started his early career working for his family’s wholesale food company. Under his leadership the company grew from a regional business to a global entity that imports fresh, healthy food from a large amount of businesses throughout Africa, Europe and North America and then distributes them to wholesalers throughout the North America. This massive growth showcased Gregory J Aziz’s talent in growing a business and he soon took those talents to greater heights in the world of investment banking.


Today, National Steel Car has done incredible things under the leadership of Greg Aziz. The company has rapidly expanded its workforce and is known as one of Ontario’s best places to work. In fact, National Steel Car throws a Holiday Event each year where current and former employees and their families come to gather and enjoy in holiday festivities. This event, among the many others the company holds, showcases how National Steel Car has become more than just a business in Hamilton, but a staple of the community. The company continues to grow and be a leader in the railroad freight industry. Go Here To Learn More.

National Steel Car Progresses Under The Leadership Of Its CEO Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is a power to be considered available and corporate industry. He is currently Chief, CEO, and CEO of National Steel Car. The National Steel Car was founded in 1912, and it is also found in Hamilton, Ontario. Under the authority of Greg Aziz, National Steel Car has actually recently been positioned as a well-known railway and anatomical development company in the USA States. In fact, National Steel Car is the only US Company approved by ISO and gets TTX SECO honor yearly for a decade. Gregory J. Aziz originates from Ontario and is one of the few people educated about this region. Greg J. Aziz went to Ridley School and eventually joined up with the University or College of Europe to pursue a degree in Economics. Following the achievement of his studies, Greg Aziz commenced his occupation at Affiliated Foods, a general food company run by his family in 1971. During his time there, the business has experienced high levels of development and became the best importer of food fresh across the world. In addition, Affiliated Foods has changed into a respectable distributor of many fresh foods markets in Asian Canada and America.


In addition to doing work in his family business, Greg Aziz has shown several investment banking positions in New York. Through this comprehensive investment loan company experience, Mr. Aziz had effectively acquired National Steel Car in 1994. As then, its absolute goal has been to change the corporation into a powerful and well-known Canadian organization in the industry automotive train freight in the USA States. For this reason, Greg Aziz has increased National Steel Car development capacity in just 3, 500 to 12, 000 cars. In the same period, the National Steel Car career rate also increased from six-hundred to about 3000. These kinds of levels of growth were achieved thanks to Greg giving attention to maximizing the business solid development capability and productive capacity through real capital and human investment. Under the direction of Greg James Aziz, National Steel Car has achieved the development and brilliance of engineering. As the only company with leading car manufacturing details, they were awarded ISO 9001 in the field. National Steel Car is highly concentrated on the Hamilton population. The industry’s money and sponsors of several charity events such as United Way, Theater Aquarius, Salvation Army and Hamilton Opera. Greg Aziz fantastic partner are also sponsors of Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, recognized as the most famous agricultural fair in Canada.


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