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SahmAdrangi and the Founding of Kerrisdale Capital to be the Ruler of Investment World

Occasionally, hedge fund managers raise money to place against an investment thesis. However, Kerrisdale Capital Management has raised 100 million dollars to bet against the stock of a single company. The small New York firm raised the commendable amount of money to short the stock of a company which they have not yet revealed to the public. Kerrisdale Capital Management founder and Chief Executive Officer SahmAdrangi wrote to investors that the fact that they had raised such a large sum of money in such a short time was evidence that their investment thesis had captured their imagination. The plan was for Kerrisdale Capital to identify a 10 billion dollar company and explain their insights on the said company to the investors. The process seems to have worked as they have raised that much money. Currently, SahmAdrangi and chief analyst Shane Wilson are in the process of creating a website, report, video, audio and visual presentations to make their point more elaborate for their investors and convince others to invest in Kerrisdale Capital.

Kerrisdale Capital, despite being a relatively young firm, currently manages an approximated 500 million dollars. It has been involved man short positions throughout its short history, with some of the most recent ones including biotech and pharmaceutical companies such as Globalstar, Sage Therapeutics, and Zagfen. Their success in these positions and others have gained Kerrisdale Capital Management a reputation in the financial investment industry and may explain why investors have entrusted them with funds to establish a position in a company which has not yet been revealed.

Sahm who is a graduate from Yale University, founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009 and has stayed on as the Chief Investment Officer. In his position, he has seen it grow from managing 1 million dollars with which he founded to it, to managing 500 million dollars currently. In its eight-year history, Kerrisdale Capital has created a reputation for short sales which have seen the firm manage larger sums of money at given times. Mr. Adrangi uses his knowledge to publish information on overlooked longs and overhyped shorts, enabling investors to make informed investment decisions.


The Oxford Club Advises Retirees the Strategy of Investing in Stocks

The Oxford Club, a global network of investors, advised the strategies to be followed by the retirees while investing in stocks. It identifies that most people have a question of how much should they invest in stocks once they reach retirement. The answer depends on varied factors such as age, health, monthly expenses, and the size of the portfolio of the person. The Oxford Club advises that people should go for a retirement rebalancing. While most Americans retire at the age of 65, they should think of three full decades of life if their health is in fine shape.

When considering 20 or 30 years, people should also consider the inflation. Putting too much amount in stocks is not a good idea when people think their investments can supplement their monthly pension. The best option is deciding how much needed to be invested in low-risk bonds or as cash for monthly expenses. If someone has $5000 expense per month, he should go for a five-year reserve of $300,000. It is due to an average bear market impact may rule the market for a maximum period of five years, in extreme cases. During bear market times, people can use the reserve amounts. When the market is at the heights, they can liquidate stocks for their expenses.

The Oxford Club was founded in the year 1989 as an independent financial organization. Currently, it has members from more than 100 countries and has acquired a reputation of providing top-rated investment research. The Oxford Club is known for highest-quality market information and helping the investors to create both wealth and income through long-term strategies.

Its analysts are focused on providing market neutral and asset allocated investment strategies. The Oxford Club publishes two free investment publications named Wealthy Retirement and Investment U. It also publishes a newsletter called The Oxford Communiqué, and it is regarded as one of the best-selling financial newsletters in the country.

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The American Institute Of Architects: Transforming The Architecture Profession

It is hard to succeed in a professional career without networking and support from a professional organization. Professional membership organizations like the American Institute of Architects have been in instruments in helping both young and experienced professionals meet their career goals. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) brings together licensed architects across the country and is one of the most progressive professional membership organizations in the United States.

The organization offers support to the architecture profession through public outreach, community redevelopment, government advocacy, and education. The AIA has over the years played a critical role in improving the public image of the architecture profession as well as ensuring that all the activities in the building industry are well coordinated. Currently, the organization has 300 local chapters spread across the country with over 200 employees. Its head offices are located in Washington, DC, where the organization coordinates its activities and establishes professional relationships with allied partners.

It is important for Architects to retain their licensure, and that is why the AIA has been sponsoring its members for various educational experiences. The organization designs the contract documents that are frequently used in the building industry as part of its responsibility to develop industry standards. It is interesting to know that the organization has so far designed over 100 contracts and forms. Emerging professionals in architecture benefit from the many web-based resources that are usually provided by the organization. Just like any other business, the design business is affected by various economic factors that need through research and analysis.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is known to conduct research and analysis to ensure that its members have all the necessary information to succeed in the architecture business. Also, the organization has an awards program that is meant to promote outstanding professional achievement and design excellence. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) champions for the value of design in its awareness programs to improve public confidence and belief in the country’s professionals.

The architecture profession is a vital trade in every country, and the AIA has been steadfast in its advocacy efforts to ensure that the business gets the respect it deserves. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) ensure that the over 90, 0000 members it represents adhere to the highest standards of practice. The five notable membership levels for this organization include Allied members, Emeritus members, International associate members, associate members, and architect members.

José Auriemo Neto, Re-kindling Success in the Real Estate Domain

The question of who is the force behind the ever-evolving construction industry cannot be left unanswered. With special interest to the Brazilian market, many investors are willing to work beyond their limits to create the next be thing. Among the great innovators in the real estate sector is Jose Auriemo Neto, the co-founders of JHSF Participacoes.

JHSF was founded in 1972 initially as JHS, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This was an initiative of two brothers; Jose Auriemo, and Fabio with two other associates. JHS was majorly focused on real estate development and construction but later was divided into two companies in 1990 which marked the birth of JHSF with Jose as its head.

To date, the company has played a major role in ensuring that recurrent income assets are prioritized. This has been a great boost to several operating industries under that roof which includes airports, shopping malls, and hotels among others. JHSF has accumulated a fortune of approximately R$1.20 billion as per the 2017 analysis. The company has crossed its national boundaries and is now operating in the United States and Uruguay among other countries.

Considering the ranks of the old economy, civil construction is mandatory. Just in his early 30s, Jose Auriemo after taking over the company already started making a difference in the industry. The JHSF is a major Sao Paulo developer is associated with sophisticated and high-value real estate schemes. Statistically, the company is ranked as the most exquisite and expensive residential areas in the city with a fortune of up to R$8,311. To know more about him click here.

Jose introduces his son, Pulistano, to the family business. The boy starts at a tender age of 17 where he begins as an office boy and put to practice his engineering knowledge. 10 years later, the boy took over the presidency of the company and focuses on the luxury market operations; the Louis Vuitton kind. He is married and has given Jose Auriemo two grandchildren.


Important Steps To Follow Before the Health Screening at Lifeline Screening

People often tend to neglect or ignore the minor health concerns until they become much bigger. However, this is a habit that people must let go of if they want to lead a fit and healthy life. One should make a habit of consulting the doctor as soon as they feel that something is wrong with their body. Our body is like a car that would give you hints as soon as you start driving it if there is anything wrong with it. Neglecting such clues can lead to bigger expenses in the future, can you deny that? Similarly, if you ignore the signs that your body gives you in the form of persisting symptoms, you would have to face consequences that you would certainly not like. In many cases, neglecting severe symptoms for too long can be fatal and may even cause death.

However, such a situation can be avoided if you go for health screening regularly. There are many different types of health screenings available these days, starting from screenings for cardiovascular health to lung, kidney, and liver disease tests. Going for such health screenings would ensure that you can monitor your health efficiently and is in a position to take corrective and preventive measures. For example, if you go for cholesterol level screening and come to know that the amount of cholesterol in your body is high, you can make changes in your diet and exercise regularly to reduce it. Similarly, in severe cases, when diseases are detected, consulting physician immediately helps in starting treatment early. It helps in controlling illness and even curing it.

Lifeline Screening is a big name in the medical industry of the United States and the United Kingdom, where it is known to be one of the leading providers of health screening services. Lifeline Screening can consult with you and take many different factors into account like pre-existing medical conditions, age, weight, family medical history, lifestyle, habits, and so on, to suggest you the health screenings that you must take. People can also consult with their doctor and get the prescribed health screening done at Lifeline Screening. But, there is a stipulated way to prepare yourself for the testing that you must follow. It includes not eating right before the screening, wearing comfortable clothes, not taking any supplements or consuming alcohol before the screening, and reaching the screening center on time. Also, make sure to not use any oil, lotion, or moisturizer on your body before the screening.

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Gregory Aziz Incorporates Safe Transportation Mechanism

Gregory James Aziz is responsible for the activities and operations of National Steel Car, a Hamilton-situated railroad freight vehicle, and manufacturing enterprise. Since its establishment, the organization has taken part in various events that concern its business line. For instance, National Steel Car supported the regulations championing for the development of safer rail cars for the transportation of flammable liquid. In James Aziz’s opinion, the ministry of transport had made a significant move regarding transportation security and safeness. Greg Aziz was impressed by the harmonization of the government and his company in the providence of clarity to its clients on issues concerning security. Additionally, Vince De Luca provided the relevance of enhancing transportation security for the contribution of success in the economy. According to Gregory James Aziz, the set rules will continue to impact National Steel Car and contribute to its creation of quality and sophisticated rail freight cars.


Besides considering security enhancement measures, National Steel Car collaborates with other organization in the transportation sector. Recently, Canpotex selected the team and entrusted it with a manufacturing order of 700 rail vehicles. The cars will be used in the shipments f potash from Saskatchewan to the required coastal ports. Canpotex has trust in National Steel Car thus its investment value of the cars sums to approximately $70 million. The two-company’s trust generates from their previous dealing that began in 1999 when Canpotex invested more than $500 million in the building of almost 7,000 vehicles. Additionally, National Steel Car is best suited for the task due to its knowledge concerning the suitable design for the carriage of potash items. James Aziz postulates that his understanding of Canpotex is attributed to their more than two decades of partnership and treasured relationship. Visit This Page for more information.


National Steel Car’s achievements are tied to its staff and the nationals of North America. The organization has developed a more dynamic and diverse culture than the previous years. Greg Aziz leads the company towards attaining further success regardless of the popularity. Its customers highly prefer the car engineering enterprise due to the considerations set for them. Gregory James Aziz postulates that a company’s success is illustrated by the level of satisfaction of its consumers. Also, National Steel Car’s dominance in the railcar industry supplements the clients’. Greg Aziz has led the organization in the acquisition of different prestigious prizes including the TTX SECO awards. The company is also certified by ISO 9001:2008.


Gregory Aziz, A Worldwide Leader in the Railway Industry

For almost 24 years, Gregory James Aziz has lead National Steel Car as the CEO, Chairman, and President. Born in London, Ontario in 1949, he had a long line of jobs before reaching his position as the head of National Steel Car. At the age of 22, he joined his family’s business, Affiliated Foods, which eventually expanded to be a worldwide venture involving the importation and distribution of fresh foods to nearly every continent. Greg Aziz also worked as an investment banker from the late 1980’s to the early 1990’s in New York. This is what finally lead him to the purchase of National Steel Car in 1994, from Dofasco.



National Steel Car expanded immensely after coming under Gregory J. Aziz’s wing. Before his purchase of it, the capability for manufacturing of railroad freight cars was topped out at 3,500 per year. By 1999, he had brought that number up to 12,000 cars, along with growing employment from 600 workers to nearly 3,000.


James Aziz’s company not only builds thousands of new cars every year, but also lead the world in innovation within the industry. Because of this, it is the only North American based railroad freight car, engineering and manufacturing company certified ISO 9001:2008. It has now held this honor for 18 years, passing round after round of re-certification. Not only that, but it has also consistently been awarded with the TTX SECO highest quality award, since 1996. Read This Article.


When Gregory J Aziz decided to purchase National Steel Car, his goal was to take a formerly great company, and convert it into a leader in the industry, and the pinnacle of modern railway construction. He successfully used the knowledge he gained from his own career experiences, and his formal education at Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario, to recreate an enterprise that can be rarely matched by any other association in its field. With the company’s continued accomplishments, the community surrounding it in Hamilton, Ontario is also being benefited. Under Gregory James Aziz’s guidance, they have sponsored many local charities and groups, including the Theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army, the United Way, and the Hamilton Opera. His story is a perfect example of what a single person can do with their life, and how they can benefit the world around them, if they only decide to work hard and dedicate their lives to their dreams.

Imran Haque is Thought to be a Leading Rural Doctor in North Carolina – Here’s Exactly Why

Residents of central North Carolina’s rural areas, especially those of Ramseur and Asheboro, are more than familiar with Dr. Imran Haque, one of the region’s leading practitioners of internal medicine. He’s been a trusted doctor for over the past sixteen years, something that many practitioners aren’t experienced enough to hold.

Horizon Internal Medicine is Imran Haque’s own idea, with two locations in Asheboro and Ramseur. At Horizon Internal Medicine, the majority of procedures are cosmetic treatments like Botox injections and laser hair removal, making people feel better about their appearance, ultimately providing them with better quality of life. Dr. Imran Haque also performs lots of wellness checks, medicine refills, and other basic, routine procedures, one reason why he prefers to help people make themselves look better.

In 1994, Imran Haque inched closer towards his lifelong dream of practicing medicine in the United States, one of the best places to be a doctor thanks to its advanced research and abilities as a practitioner, as he attended Santo Domingo’s own Universidad Iberoamericana. When 1998 rolled around, Imran Haque found himself with a prestigious, valuable medical doctorate degree, utilizing it to be a resident for three more years. After eight years of attending – and working his tail off – postsecondary institutions, combined with three years’ worth of real-life training, Imran Haque had finally accomplished his goal of becoming a doctor.

Randolph Hospital and Ramseur’s and Asheboro’s, North Carolina, Horizon Internal Medicine facilities are the three places where Dr. Imran Haque spends most of his time as a practitioner. As most busy physicians, Haque doesn’t spend all of his working days at the same facility, rather allocating his time throughout these three popular medical institutions. Dr. Imran Haque is undoubtedly one of the central North Carolina rural area’s top practitioners – just look online at his reviews.



Richard Mishaan Design Has Proven Elegance And Luxury Do Not Require Enormous Sums Of Money

Richard Mishaan Design represents ingenuity creativity, and luxury. The blending of lighting, furniture, art and patterns is exquisite. The residence Richard Mishaan shared with his wife, daughter, and son was furnished with beauty, museum quality art, sculpture, and color. The recurring theme is individualism and a unique and delightful combination of different elements. Richard Mishaan Design provided serenity in the home Karen Silverman shares with her two sons and her husband. Furniture layouts were reconfigured, some pieces remained while others were replaced, antiques were blended with modern furnishings, colors were blended for style and comfort, and the result was breathtaking. Richard Mishaan Design took a house and made it a home.

Richard Mishaan Design is a work of art, a unique signature of styling, and the epitome for design enthusiasts. Due to his Columbian roots Richard Mishaan brings the influence and comfort of extravagant design and architecture into his work. He has a reputation for leaving his mark on everything he does and his footprint has become irrefutable. The inspiration of Richard Mishaan Design comes from everyday life, exotic places, art exhibitions, and fashion trends. The designs are both heartwarming and holistic design with a distinct flair. Lavish hotels, high-end projects, residential homes, and commercial properties have all benefited from Richard Mishaan’s touch.

A lot of people assume that if a room is not filled with expensive furniture and priceless art it will not feel elegant and lavish. Richard Mishaan Design has proved this is not true. He uses the most ordinary of items to create spaces with the definition of elegance, style, and luxury. Richard Mishaan does not believe an individual must be rich to have a beautifully decorated home that represents their individuality. This was why he wrote a book to share his insights with the world. He wants people to realize walking away from anything because the price tag was not large enough is wrong.


Securus Technologies Works To Keep Control in Facilities

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They have a number of offices throughout the state of Texas as well as an office in Atlanta, Georgia. They help to serve more than 3400 individuals in the public safety department. This includes law enforcement, corrections officers and they help to protect over a million inmates each and every year. They are committed to serving those and connecting with them to help to provide emergency responses and incident management in the event of an emergency.


Securus Technologies also works to provide inmate self services and offers monitoring products to make the world safer. The focus of their business is to provide the things that matter the most when dealing in situations that maybe less than safe.


Throughout the year, Securus receives a number of emails from those in positions of power in jails and other facilities to help them prevent further attacks on those they work for and work with. The officials will ask how they can make the place safer and what can be done to prevent anything further from happening. This helps to decrease the violence in most facilities and helps keep the officers working in them safer as well.


In the span of a three year period, Securus Technologies has spent more than 600 million to make technology updated and to purchase patents and acquisitions. With that kind of money, it is no wonder Securus is offering some of the best options available for correctional facilities.


One of the best ideas they had was to come up with a system which would control the contraband cell phones found inside of correctional facilities. They named the service “Cell Defender” in July of 2016. The following year, Securus created a product named wireless containment solutions and this was installed in jails and facilities to keep those phones from connecting to a network inside of the facilities.